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less sets you free

we are on a mission to show that there is freedom in simplicity.

Let’s love what we have, not what others tell us we need, because we believe once you strip away artificial expectations, less sets you freeTM. Just like our yogurt made with fewer ingredients, we believe life is better with fewer distractions and more time spent on the moments that matter.

less sets you free
siggi's products are crafted with less

true to Icelandic tradition, siggi’s products are crafted with less.

siggi’s is fully committed to making delicious yogurt with simple ingredients, which means:

no artificial flavorings
no artificial sweeteners 
no preservatives

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siggi's 0% nonfat yogurts

nonfat yogurt

siggi's whole milk yogurts

whole milk yogurt

siggi's plant-based coconut blends

plant-based blends

siggi's simple skyr

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less sets you free.TM

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