less sets you free.SM

When you choose a simple path that's made with intention, you move toward a life where you feel fuller. We think that stretches beyond yogurt.

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crafted with less.

We believe that less really is more. siggi’s was founded with the vision of making yogurt with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. 

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Shed the unnecessary extras and make more intentional choices. Follow these simplification experts to craft your filler-free, fuller routine.

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freelancer gig in Iceland!

Want to see what 'less' can do for you?

While many companies have been pushing for a healthy work/life balance, siggi’s is the first to offer a gig that truly maximizes living a simple life and enjoying the benefits that the environment and nature have to offer. Apply for the siggi's Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr freelancer gig today!

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less sets you free.SM